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   Customer service is the core of our business. The staff at Bayberry Uniform wants to make sure your shopping experience is the best it can be! 


   A CUSTOMER is the most important person in any business. 

   A CUSTOMER is not dependent on us- we are dependent on him.

   A CUSTOMER does us a favor when he calls- we are not doing him a favor by                  serving him.

   A CUSTOMER is not a cold statistic- he is a flesh-and-blood human being with                 feelings and emotions like our own. 

   A CUSTOMER is not someone to argue or match wits with.

   A CUSTOMER is a person who brings us his wants- it is our job to fill those wants.

   A CUSTOMER is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can            give him.

   A CUSTOMER is the life-blood of this and every other business. 


   Our staff is trained to help you find your perfect fit. We can guide you through the brands and styles we sell. 

Can't make it in? You can order from our online service or call us directly (our preferred method)315-652-9255 and speak to one of our friendly sales associates. We can tell you in real time the availability of your items. 

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